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The unique Journey® lift is an ultra compact, portable folding standaid with best-in-class functionality. It is compact and lightweight allowing caregivers to maneuver in tight spaces while folding for easy storage or transportation. The first on the market adjustable sling attachment cradle mechanism supports a range of patient heights and sizes, allowing your facility to have one lift that meets the needs of many. Our careful attention to product design with the Journey ensures that both the caregiver’s and the resident’s needs have been met.

Product Details

  • No-tools folding design allows for compact storage and transport
  • Smart Monitor technology drives user compliance and lift longevity
  • Adjustable cradle accommodate residents in a wide variety of heights
  • Intuitive push pad assists with initiating movement.
  • Adjustable kneepad with infinite settings
  • Safe Working Load 341 lbs/155 kgs
  • Maximum Overall Length 39.4 in/1000 mm
  • Minimum Overall Length 36.8 in/935 mm
  • Maximum Overall Height 63.0 in/1600 mm
  • Minimum Overall Height 44.5 in/1130 mm
  • Maximum Height to Attachment Point 60.2 in/1530 mm
  • Minimum Height to Attachment Point 28.4 in/720 mm
  • Turning Radius 45.1 in/1145 mm
  • Tested to EN ISO 10535, the global standard for patient lifts

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