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Falls Management Solutions for Enhanced Patient Safety

Implementing Effective Strategies and Solutions that Minimize Falls and Prioritize both Patient and Caregiver Safety

An important part of tackling the challenge of Falls Management in institutional environments as well as in the home is the programmatic use of patient-handling devices for specific patient needs. Joerns provides essential solutions that seamlessly reduce risk without impacting the day-to-day activities of caregivers, administrators, and patients.

Our interventions and specialized products are engineered to reduce falls, mitigate injuries and assist in getting patients back on their feet when a fall occurs.

We address the fall risk continuum with an agile portfolio to provide patient-centric interventions for high-risk individuals, including those who require assistance with mobility and bedridden patients With solutions like low-height, adjustable-width beds and sleep surfaces that offer edge-awareness safeguards, we strive to create a safer environment and minimize the impact of falls on patient well-being.

Engineered for Enhanced Safety

At Joerns, safety is paramount in our falls management approach. Our products are equipped with specially engineered features that prioritize patient safety.

Our falls management portfolio of products focuses on prevention, mitigation, and aiding in the recovery process. The engineered features are proven to enhance patient safety and minimize the risks and costs associated with falls.

Trust Joerns for reliable and effective fall prevention, mitigation and recovery solutions that prioritize the well-being of patients and caregivers alike.

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