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Our blog page is designed to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and support they need to support the delivery of exceptional patient care.

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Hoyer Advance®

Passive lift with a 340 lb. safe working load that folds up for storage and transport.

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Hoyer Presence®

Lightweight engineered aluminum frame with a safe working load of 500 lbs and long lifting range.

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Hoyer Stature®

A passive lift with vertical raising benefits and clip style sling technology.

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Hoyer Calibre®

Bariatric lift with a 850 lb. safe working load designed to keep the caregiver safe.

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Hoyer Journey®

Small footprint and versatile active lift with a safe working load of 340 lbs.

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Hoyer Elevate®

State-of-the-art, active lift with excellent lifting range and a safe working load of 440 lbs.

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Hoyer® HML400

Robust manual lift with a safe working load of 400 lb.

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Hoyer® HPL402

Electric lift perfect for homecare where a manual lift may be a challenge.

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Hoyer HPL700

Mid-range bariatric lift a safe working load of 700 lbs. and powered base.

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