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The Elevate® is an active lift designed to improve the lifting experience for both the caregiver and the patient. It is compact and sturdy with a safe working load of 440 lbs. Included is Smart Monitor technology that displays actual lifts as well as reminds you to recommended service. This helps drive user compliance and keeps your Elevate in top shape! The Elevate incorporates key intuitive features for caregiver safety. These include a spring-loaded lever to adjust kneepad height as well as a rubber push pad designed to initiate lift movement eliminating initial push forces. The Elevate has been designed to be configured either with or without a weigh scale. The weigh scale is seamlessly integrated with a digital display and user friendly controls.

Product Details

  • Smart Monitor technology drives user compliance and lift longevity
  • Intuitive push pad assists with initiating movement.
  • One hand adjustable kneepad with infinate settings
  • Angled, removable foot tray
  • Optional scale
  • Safe Working Load 440 lbs/200 kgs
  • Maximum Overall Length 43.3 in/1100 mm
  • Minimum Overall Length 41.0 in/1040 mm
  • Maximum Overall Height 65.5 in/1665 mm
  • Minimum Overall Height 48.4 in/1230 mm
  • Maximum Height to Attachment Point 64.7 in/1644 mm
  • Minimum Height to Attachment Point 39.2 in/995 mm
  • Turning Radius 48.2 in/1225 mm
  • Tested to EN ISO 10535, the global standard for patient lifts

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