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UltraCare® XT

The UltraCare® XT expands its advantages with tailored care for more care environments. Now with 650 lbs capacity, the UCXT enables personalized care for more residents with dignity. Simplify care with intuitive controls, convenient comfort positioning with AdvanceCare and upgrades including the Joerns-exclusive smart connected care capability. The ONE bed that offers comfort and protection for both resident and patient.

Product Details

  • Expanded capacity to 650 lbs uses toroidal architecture engineering of the bed’s steel frame to accommodate more patients
  • AdvanceCare positioning offered as a standard feature now includes 30°/45° comfort pauses for staff efficiency better enabling care and dignity for all patients including bariatric care
  • Optional staff control offer advanced clinical control, safety lockouts and ergonomic functionality now including programmable AutoTransfer Height for personalized care
  • Extendable four-section mattress support platform offers full range of comfort and therapeutic positions, which may reduce skin shear
  • UltraLock is available at the foot end or both the head and foot to maximize security or mobility at any height
  • Connexio®-ready for connected care enables improved efficiency and delivery of care by empowering operators and clinicians with real time visibility of assets, staff and residents
  • Bed Length 80 in standard, 84 in, 88 in with length extension
  • Bed Width 35 in, 39 in or 42 in with UltraWide Kit
  • Bed Weight 220 lbs
  • Bed Weight Capacity 650 lbs
  • Operating Capacity 600 lbs
  • Underbed Clearance 23 3/4 in
  • Sleep Surface Travel Range 7 in to 30 in
  • Max. Back Angle 65 degrees to horizontal
  • Max. Knee Angle 35 degrees to horizontal
  • Max. Knee to Leg Angle 45 degrees
  • Safety Standards: UL60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 601.1, IEC 60601-2-38, CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 601.2.38

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