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Assisted Living Trends: Industry Innovations

As modern healthcare leads to longer lifespans, the assisted living industry is rapidly evolving to meet the needs of this demographic shift. Innovations and technological advances are becoming more common in this field, enabling assisted living facilities to help keep their residents independent for longer

For administrators who aim to provide superior care, understanding assisted living trends is not just beneficial; it’s essential. Innovations in care equipment can help augment resident safety and provide effective fall response strategies, playing a critical role in advancing industry standards and improving resident well-being and autonomy.

Latest Trends in Assisted Living

Three significant trends stand out as we look at today’s assisted living trends. First, there is a growing emphasis on personalized care that respects and enhances resident autonomy. Facilities are increasingly adopting customized care plans that cater to individual preferences and needs, which leads to improved resident satisfaction and quality of life.

Secondly, the integration of technology is transforming how care is delivered. Advanced systems for enhanced safety and monitoring are becoming the norm, providing caregivers with real-time data to make informed decisions. These technologies ensure a safer environment and foster a sense of security among residents and their families.

Lastly, there is a notable shift towards proactive fall response strategies. Instead of solely focusing on fall prevention, the industry is also innovating ways to respond efficiently and safely when falls inevitably occur, minimizing potential injuries and facilitating quicker recoveries.

Innovations Shaping the Industry

Among essential innovations shaping the industry, smart monitoring systems are particularly noteworthy. These systems enable early detection of risk factors for falls or health decline, allowing prompt intervention. As artificial intelligence technology advances, the ability to monitor subtle signs of fall risks is enhanced.

Assistive devices that promote mobility and independence are an area of ongoing development. This can range from simple innovations and new designs of simple devices, such as walkers, to more complex transfer devices that help residents requiring more support but are still suitable for an assisted living environment.

Advanced fall response solutions are setting new standards. These industry innovations ensure that the response is immediate, dignified, and effective when falls occur, helping reduce the risk of injury. These devices also empower staff to lift patients from the floor by themselves, reducing the need to call EMS for each resident fall.

The Role of Joerns Products in Leading Edge Care

Joerns Healthcare is at the forefront of these innovations with its range of Mangar products. These are designed not just to prevent falls but to provide swift, safe responses when they occur:

  • The Mangar Elk is a portable lifting cushion that helps residents lift themselves from the floor with dignity and ease.
  • The Mangar Eagle is an air-powered lifting device ideal for helping residents sit up from the floor and get into a chair or bed.
  • The Mangar Camel is similar in function to the Mangar Eagle but is designed for heavier residents, up to 700 lbs.

Each of these tools enables a single person to lift an individual from the floor and into a bed or chair. The safety and autonomy these devices offer residents who have fallen make it one of the top assisted living trends.

How Joerns Keeps Assisted Living Facilities Ahead

Joerns continues to lead assisted living trends by focusing on innovation and development. We offer more than equipment; we provide comprehensive staff training to ensure the effective use of all equipment and ultimately enhance the safety and efficiency of care procedures. Joerns focuses on building collaborative partnerships with industry leaders, helping them to stay ahead of trends and incorporate the latest advancements into their solutions.


The newest assisted living trends aren’t just a fad; they are industry innovations that ensure high standards of care and safety. Administrators of assisted living facilities who embrace these innovations can profoundly impact the well-being of their residents and the efficiency of their operations. We encourage you to consider how Joerns products can play a role in your facility’s strategy to provide leading-edge care.

To explore how our innovations can benefit your facility, we invite you to contact a Joerns representative today and take a step towards transforming your care delivery. Stay proactive, and continue exploring advancements in assisted living to ensure the best for your residents.


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