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Enhancing Respiratory Care and Mobility with Positioning Pauses in Long-Term Care Beds

Proper positioning in long-term care beds is vital in respiratory care and mobility, directly impacting patient comfort and health outcomes. Adjusting a bed to the correct angle can facilitate lung expansion, reduce pressure on the chest, and improve breathing, which is especially crucial for patients with respiratory conditions. 

While having the head of the bed at the right angle can have a meaningful clinical impact, it can be challenging to achieve the correct angle by manually adjusting the bed elevation. The introduction of Gentle Pauses technology in EasyCare® and UltraCare® beds marks a significant advancement in making it easy to achieve optimal positioning for these patients.

Understanding Gentle Pauses

Most patient care beds force clinicians to set the angle of the head of the bed using a ball-in-track angle indicator. These indicators can be difficult to locate and read, resulting in nursing staff setting the angle of the head of the bed using more of an approximation than a specific measurement.

Gentle Pauses is an innovative feature designed to automatically and gently stop the adjustment of the head of a bed at critical angles, specifically 30 and 45 degrees. This feature helps nursing staff recognize when the head of the bed has reached these frequently used critical angles and prevents overshooting of target angles.

This function is convenient and essential for some situations, particularly in respiratory care, as these angles facilitate better lung expansion and oxygenation. Correct positioning can significantly improve breathing and overall comfort for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and other respiratory conditions.

Supporting Respiratory Care and Wound Health

For individuals suffering from conditions such as COPD, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), or other disorders, correctly positioning the bed elevation is crucial. Gentle Pauses make it easy for caregivers to elevate the bed to an ideal position, enhancing the patient’s breathing and oxygenation and playing an important role in respiratory care

This careful positioning can also prevent complications in wound care, as exceeding certain angles might increase shear forces, increasing the risk of wound development or slowing the healing of existing injuries. Maintaining a correct angle of the head of the bed can also balance situations where both respiratory care and wound considerations exist. By making it easy to set the bed to the correct angle, Gentle Pauses improve staff attention to how they set the bed and make it easier to do the right thing.

Promoting Mobility

Mobility is another critical aspect of long-term care, affecting the well-being of all patients, but especially for patient populations with more specific needs, such as bariatric patients. There are many factors associated with promoting mobility; however, maintaining a correct angle of the head of the bed during transfers and repositioning in bed is an important consideration.

The correct positioning facilitated by Gentle Pauses supports easier movement, significantly enhancing the comfort and mobility of patients with specialized needs, like bariatric patients. By maintaining the proper head-of-bed elevation, Gentle Pauses help avoid unnecessary strain and facilitate smoother transitions for patients with mobility issues. 

Conclusion: Elevating Care with Gentle Pauses

Integrating Gentle Pauses in long-term care beds represents a leap forward in patient care, offering significant benefits for respiratory health and mobility. By optimizing positioning for patients with respiratory care needs, preventing wound care complications, and enhancing mobility for bariatric patients, these beds elevate patient comfort and the quality of care. 

We encourage healthcare providers and caregivers to consider upgrading to EasyCare or UltraCare beds equipped with Gentle Pauses. Investing in modernized beds that include this innovative technology prioritizes patient comfort and health and reinforces the commitment to providing the highest standard of care. Contact a representative at Joerns today to learn more about how these advanced beds can benefit your facility and the patients you serve.

In embracing these innovative solutions, we can all contribute to a healthcare system that genuinely cares for every individual, ensuring that dignity, functionality, and quality care are accessible to all.

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