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Embracing Dignity and Functionality: Joerns Beds for Patients of Size

A vital challenge healthcare leaders face is meeting the needs of diverse patient populations. The needs of each patient stand unique, demanding personalized care that not only addresses their medical condition but also upholds their dignity and comfort. 

This can be a particularly difficult challenge for patients of size. Patients with a high body mass can have unique needs that are more difficult to meet. Many facilities lack suitable equipment that can significantly impact heavier patients’ well-being and healthcare outcomes. Recognizing this, Joerns has introduced innovative toroidal architecture engineering to the EasyCare® and UltraCare® beds, offering a dignified, functional, and cost-effective solution for healthcare providers and their patients.

The Challenge: Catering to Patients of Size

Patients of size face numerous obstacles in healthcare settings, one of the most important being the unavailability of appropriate equipment. Traditional healthcare facilities often lack beds that can comfortably and safely accommodate larger individuals, leading to compromised care and discomfort. Even when proper equipment is available, it typically is noticeably different from other equipment, causing embarrassment and harming patients’ mental and emotional states, ultimately reducing dignity in patient care.

Joerns EasyCare and UltraCare Beds: Beyond Traditional Limits

Joerns responds to these challenges with the EasyCare and UltraCare beds, innovatively designed to support up to 600 lbs and 650 lbs, respectively. This increased weight capacity breaks the traditional barriers, offering a solution that ensures safety without sacrificing bed functionality. 

The design of Joerns’s beds reflects a deep understanding of the need to maintain a balance between practicality and dignity, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. By avoiding the typical, utilitarian look of bariatric beds, these products ensure that patients feel valued and respected without the stigma that often comes with specialized equipment.

Toroidal Architecture Engineering

One of the most significant advances used in the new design of the Joerns EasyCare and UltraCare beds is the use of toroidal architecture engineering. This innovative engineering concept provides a stronger form of steel for the bed frames, offering increased support and durability for patients of size without requiring a change in how the beds appear. By incorporating this cutting-edge design, Joerns beds ensure higher comfort and safety for patients of size without necessitating the indignity of larger specialty beds.

Enhanced Actuators: Uncompromised Care Quality

One of the standout features of the EasyCare and UltraCare beds is their enhanced actuators. These components are crucial for adjusting bed positions and accommodating patient weight without compromising speed or functionality. Joerns’s enhanced actuators provide the same function that providers have always enjoyed for the EasyCare and UltraCare beds, regardless of the patients’ size.

Advantages for Healthcare Facilities

Choosing Joerns beds presents multiple advantages for healthcare facilities. Firstly, these beds are a cost-effective alternative to traditional bariatric options, eliminating the need for numerous types of equipment. By accommodating bariatric patients in addition to ordinary patient populations, they can significantly reduce the cost associated with renting or maintaining specialty beds.

In addition to cost savings, they streamline patient care, offering staff improved versatility and efficiency. By creating an inclusive environment, these innovative beds also empower facilities to demonstrate their commitment to respecting and valuing all patients equally.

Conclusion: A Call to Action for Change

Introducing Joerns EasyCare and UltraCare beds marks a significant step forward in the evolution of patient care. By addressing the unique needs of patients of size through innovative advances, these beds emphasize the importance of dignity and functionality in healthcare. They offer a practical solution to current challenges and inspire a shift towards more inclusive, respectful, and effective care practices.

Healthcare leaders interested in supporting the unique needs of patients of size are encouraged to contact Joerns representatives to explore how the EasyCare and UltraCare beds can be integrated into their facilities. Customized solutions are available to meet specific needs, ensuring every patient receives the care they deserve. By choosing Joerns, healthcare facilities can make a tangible difference in the lives of their patients, fostering an environment where dignity and care go hand in hand.

In embracing these innovative solutions, we can all contribute to a healthcare system that genuinely cares for every individual, ensuring that dignity, functionality, and quality care are accessible to all.

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