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RC Ultra Hi-Lo 850

Minimizing the risk of patient falls can save a facility thousands or even millions in costs and improve the standard of care. The RC Hi-Lo 850 lowers to 9.5″ and has total lock and steering lock casters to allow for easy bed movement and facilitate patient transport. The simple-to-use pull pin system allows caregivers to quickly and easily expand the bed frame’s width to accommodate various patient girths and emergency transport through 40″ door frames. Unlike most hi-lo beds, the RC Hi-Lo 850 can roll at any height making it safer for the caregivers to move throughout the facility.


  • RC Ultra Hi-Lo 850
  • Pressure redistribution mattress with RC Safety Perimeter
  • Bed alarm for patient exit notification
  • Fall matts for protection on both sides of the bed

Product Details

  • Descends to a minimum deck height of 9.5″
  • 5 functions including Trendelenburg and cardiac chair
  • Integrated foot end staff control with patient lock-out
  • Bed deck expands to 39″, 42″ or 48″
  • Durable, 10 button hand pendant
  • Total lock and steering lock casters for easy movement at any height
  • Optional integrated scale for one-button weighing in any position
  • Optional trapeze
  • Deck height: 9.5″ to 29″
  • Deck size: 36″ W (expandable to 39″, 42″ or 48″) x 84″ L
  • Overall size: 40″ W x 89″ L
  • Weight capacity: 850 lb
  • Head (fowler): adjustable up to 70 degrees (82 degrees in cardiac chair position)
  • Foot (knee gatch): adjustable up to 40 degrees
  • Regulatory listing: UL60601-1 CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1

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