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Mangar Swift with Airflo Duo and Bag US

The Swift transfer slide reduces manual handling force needed to transfer and reposition.

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Mangar Rhino with Airflo Duo and Bag

The Rhino cushion raises someone in the supine position from the floor to the height of a bed.

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Mangar Supine Transfer System with Airflo Duo and Bag

The Mangar Supine Transfer System consists of the Rhino and the Swift.

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Mangar Camel with Airflo 24

The Camel lifting chair lifts someone from the floor with an in-built backrest for support.

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Mangar Elk with Airflo 24

The Elk lifting cushion lifts someone from the floor to a raised seated position.

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Mangar Eagle with Airflo 24

The Mangar Eagle slimline lifting chair lifts someone from the floor with an in-built backrest.

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Mangar Bathing Cushion with Airflo 12

The Mangar inflatable bath lift gently lowers a person into the bath and raises them back up again.

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Mangar Leglifter with Airflo 12

The Leglifter cushion is discrete and assists lifting legs into bed using single-handed care techniques.

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