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Joerns RecoverCare Launches the Newly Expanded and Upgraded PrevaMatt® Portfolio of Therapeutic Support Surfaces

February 14 2015

  • Greener and more sustainable product, leading to greater durability and improved performance
  • Zoned pressure redistribution with improved air circulation to maximize resident/patient comfort
  • Open cell memory foam allows greater air flow resulting in more breathability and a cooler, drier resident or patient experience

February 4th, 2015, Charlotte, NC /PRNewswire/ – Joerns RecoverCare has launched the newly expanded and upgraded PrevaMatt® portfolio of foam therapeutic support surfaces. The PrevaMatt is designed for maximized pressure redistribution and optimal comfort. We leverage new developments in foam processing and surface modification that lead to a better quality product that gives providers a range of options to improve outcomes, reduce risks to both the caregiver and patient, and meet financial objectives.

The new PrevaMatt portfolio features open cell memory foam technology and surface modification technology (SMT®). The open cell memory technology allows for greater air flow resulting in more breathability and a cooler, drier resident or patient experience. It also allows the foam materials to be less affected by fatigue producing better height and support retention with a faster recovery time. The surface modification technology includes alterations in pattern, size of pattern, spacing between patterns and depth of cut to protect high risk areas.

The manufacturing of the refreshed PrevaMatt portfolio leverages Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF™) processing to produce a greener and more sustainable product. The VPF process is a virtually zero-emissions manufacturing process that exceeds Clean Air Act requirements. The mattresses are made from plant-based raw materials, eliminating the use of unnecessary chemicals.

The PrevaMatt portfolio offers a choice of six different surface options to meet a wide range of clinical and financial needs; Enmerse, Alleviate, Console, Defend, Ease, and Basic.

* SMT is a registered trademark and VPF is a trademark of FXI®

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