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Joerns Healthcare Unveils First Universal Transport with Side-to-Side Drive

April 06 2017

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 6, 2017 – Healthcare providers often transport bariatric patients from one room to another in beds that are powered by integrated universal transport systems. Traditional systems propel beds forward and backward, yet caregivers continued to struggle when maneuvering around corners and in tight spaces. With increasing regulation around staff injuries related to lifting and overextension, Joerns Healthcare is delivering an innovative solution: the Chauffeur™ Universal Transport System with the world’s first side-to-side drive. The Chauffeur, a unique four-way directional transport system, was designed to improve bed maneuverability, improve staff efficiency and prevent injury during patient transport.


Chauffeur’s power not only propels beds forward and backward, but Joerns’ exclusive SideShift feature also moves the bed side to side. This minimizes the effort required to reposition beds in rooms and elevators and reduces the need for two attendants.

“The Chauffeur is one of a kind,” said Jim Mulligan, Healthcare Beds Product Manager for Joerns Healthcare. “There is no need to strain to reposition the bed. Caregivers can now navigate with ease between bedside tables and along head walls; they can sidestep exam carts, negotiate corners and glide into elevators.”

The effortless drive and enhanced control also improve patient flow and staff efficiency during transport. Hoyer® ergonomically inspired handles help staff navigate the environment with reduced effort and fewer staff to meet facility protocols. Strain is also reduced when traveling on an incline or uneven flooring. With safe and efficient powered transport, more emphasis can be placed on personalized patient care.

“By transporting patients in bed and avoiding patient transfers, facilities can reduce staff back injuries, patient skin injuries and patient anxiety,” Mulligan explained. “The Chauffeur equips providers with an effective and intuitive tool to make bed transport significantly easier, safer and more efficient than ever before.”


The Chauffeur Universal Transport System is currently available for purchase on Joerns Healthcare’s Bari10A bariatric bed and for retrofit to the Bari10A and RC1000UB beds. It will also be available on Bari10A and RC1000UB beds through Joerns Healthcare’s national equipment and rental services.

These beds can be acquired on their own or in connection with Joerns Healthcare’s Prevent® safe patient handling program, a comprehensive and customized program designed to reduce caregiver injuries and improve workplace safety.

Product demonstrations are available. To learn more about the Chauffeur Universal Transport System, click here or call 800-826-0270.

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