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Joerns Healthcare Improves Its Best-in-Class Value Bariatric Lift

March 08 2017

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 8, 2017 – Joerns Healthcare recently released an enhanced and improved Hoyer® HPL700 which is part of Joerns’ leading Hoyer portfolio of electronically operated patient lifts. The HPL700, with its 700 pound safe working load, now offers the convenience of one lift that is flexible enough to handle a wide range of patient handling needs for a diverse population—thereby elevating patient safety, preserving patient dignity, protecting caregivers from injury and maximizing asset efficiency.

Improved Versatility

The new Hoyer HPL700 now accommodates multiple spreader bars including a 6-point loop spreader bar and a bariatric loop spreader bar enabling customers to use this one lift for patients considered bariatric and non-bariatric alike. This enables facilities to utilize one lift for a wide population of patients, saving facilities time and costs.

Safeguarding the Lift’s Optimum Condition

The HPL700 now features Hoyer Smart Monitor technology which helps ensure the safe patient handling activity for both patients and caregivers by promoting user compliance and facilitating preventative maintenance in order to optimize the product’s safe use and long lifetime. Hoyer Smart Monitor technology records and displays vital lift utilization and service data on an on-board LCD screen including:

  • The total number of lift cycles performed.
  • The work completed by the lift’s motor over its lifetime.
  • The number of times a lift in excess of the safe working load has been attempted.
  • The service interval period next to the number of days since the last service.

With this information at their fingertips, providers can work to conserve the lift’s ideal operation, promoting product longevity and uninterrupted care. Hoyer Smart Monitor technology is a popular feature, and this addition to the HPL700 provides enhanced visibility to appropriate maintenance intervals and safety checks that keep lifts ready when they are needed and safe to operate all the time.

Updated Appearance

The new Hoyer HPL700 is visually easy to recognize featuring a clean white finish that offers a more polished look.

“The Hoyer HPL700 is a reliable, hardworking lift,” said Hillary Marshall, Joerns Healthcare’s Global Product Manager for Lifting and Repositioning, “and we designed its improvements to deliver more versatility, longevity, and cost efficiency to customers. We are excited to be able to deliver these enhancements without increasing the price. The HPL700 was already a best-in-class value and now it is even more so. Our customers’ patients are our priority, and we are committed to delivering effective, cost-efficient safe patient handling solutions that enable the best care for those patients while simultaneously protecting our customers’ staff from injury.”

The HPL700 also features a powered base that makes maneuvering simple and easy and offers an optional, seamlessly integrated weigh scale with a two-sided digital display.

This newly released lift can be purchased on its own or acquired in connection with Joerns Healthcare’s Prevent® safe patient handling program, a comprehensive and customized program designed to reduce caregiver injuries. Joerns products are available for direct purchase or for rent when the need arises through Joerns Healthcare’s national equipment and rental services.

Product demonstrations are available from a Joerns safe patient handling certified professional. To learn more about the new Hoyer HPL700, click here or call 800-826-0270.

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Joerns Healthcare is a leading manufacturer and national service provider of Patient Handling and Wound Care products to the healthcare continuum. It helps healthcare providers solve complex medical equipment challenges, improve patient and caregiver safety, and speed patient healing with its renowned Purple Shirt service and efficient spend management. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with 1700 employees throughout North America and Europe, Joerns Healthcare is committed to delivering solutions that improve the lives of patients and care providers.

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