Introducing Joerns Connexio™ Connected Medical Equipment Management

Power the future with our proprietary connected care solution

Joerns Connexio™ streamlines your processes to create efficiency and improve patient experiences while taking the burden off your clinical staff.

This proprietary connected care solution leverages your real-time EMR data, offering end-to-end customized services aligned directly to individual patient needs and standardizing choices from your custom formulary.

Using a proprietary algorithm, Connexio automates ordering and pick up, reveals actionable intelligence to save you time and money, and enables the best healthcare outcomes.

What Connexio does for you:

Saves time and money. Nurses can spend up to 40 minutes per shift managing medical equipment. For a 25-location chain, this could add up to the equivalent of $75,000 to $125,000 per year spent on manual ordering and pick-up requests.

Improves patient experience. Automatic product ordering matches EMR data to equipment needs so rooms are ready for patient arrival.

Achieves outcomes. Connexio takes the guesswork out of product orders, ensuring standardization of care and better results. You get predictable, reliable clinical outcomes out of your business, with optimized operational efficiencies that drive real costs.

Delivers actionable intelligence. Direct connection of Connexio to the power of your EMR system provides business intelligence you can use to streamline operations.

Experience the Power of Connexio

Our proprietary algorithm powers the only end-to-end EMR-enabled equipment management solution available.

Calculated decisions await

Use the Joerns Connexio Calculator to determine the real-world impact Connexio will make on your needs.

  • Reduce staff time spent selecting, ordering, managing, and requesting pick up for medical equipment
  • Eliminate billing and reconciliation hassles
  • Standardize care and improve outcomes through automated product selection
Annual number of patients who need rental equipment
Average time per patient spent (in mins) ordering equipment
Average time per patient spent (in mins) for equipment pick up
Annual total time spent (in hrs) ordering equipment
Annual total time (in hrs) for equipment pick-up activities
Monthly total time (in hrs) for billing reconciliation
Equipment ordering and pick up
Average FTE hourly rate for individuals doing ordering and pick-up activities
Equipment Billing Reconciliation
Delivered By Connexio
Areas to consider:
  • Average number of patients admitted annually that need rental equipment

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