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Revolutionizing Healthcare Sustainability: Joerns Energy-efficient Healthcare Beds

Patients and clinicians alike are becoming increasingly aware of the issue of sustainability in healthcare. As healthcare facilities grapple with the dual challenges of escalating operational costs and the urgent need for environmental stewardship, there is an ever-growing need for energy-efficient healthcare beds that are financially pragmatic and effective. 

Green healthcare solutions aren’t just a buzzword but a critical component of sustainable healthcare practices. The Joerns EasyCare and UltraCare beds offer a tremendous innovation that significantly improves energy efficiency, setting a new benchmark for sustainability and financial savings in healthcare settings.

The Game-Changing Sleep Mode

One of the newest innovations in Joerns beds is the sleep mode feature, a revolutionary development poised to redefine energy consumption standards when using a patient care bed. As beds have gradually moved from simple metal frames to technologically complex care tools, the energy required to operate them has grown exponentially.

 The sleep mode feature significantly curtails excessive electricity usage by up to 80% compared to previous models, a milestone achievement in energy efficiency. The new sleep mode reduces unnecessary energy utilization, reducing both the environmental impact and the cost of patient care. Such an impressive reduction underscores Joerns’ commitment to supporting sustainability and sets a new standard for energy-efficient healthcare beds, marking a pivotal step towards more eco-friendly healthcare environments. 

Meeting Green Healthcare Solutions Initiatives

The healthcare industry is increasingly embracing green initiatives, recognizing the pivotal role of sustainable practices in shaping the future of healthcare. Energy-efficient equipment, like Joerns’ EasyCare and UltraCare beds’ newest model, plays a crucial role in this transition. These beds align perfectly with the ethos of green healthcare, offering facilities a tangible solution to contribute to environmental sustainability while simultaneously supporting health facilities to maintain the highest standards of patient care.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Beyond the environmental impact, the reduced electricity consumption of Joerns beds also translates into substantial cost savings for healthcare facilities. Reducing energy utilization by 80% for each bed and multiplying this effect by the number of energy-efficient healthcare beds results in significant savings in power expense, reducing overall operational costs.

Facilities adopting these beds will significantly reduce energy bills, showcasing the direct financial benefits of investing in energy-efficient healthcare equipment. These savings bolster the bottom line and free up resources that can be reinvested into patient care and facility improvements, further enhancing overall operational efficiency.

User-Friendly Design

There is a common misperception that doing the right thing for the environment is less convenient. This is not the case with our new sleep mode. The sleep mode for Joerns EasyCare and UltraCare beds is lauded not only for its energy efficiency but also for its user-friendly design. It is seamlessly integrated, ensuring the beds remain easy to use and maintain. Without being told, most of your staff will probably not even realize that the beds enter an energy-efficient state when they are not in use. Healthcare professionals’ feedback highlights these beds’ practicality and efficiency, emphasizing their positive impact on daily operations and patient care.

Technology Behind Sleep Mode

The sleep mode feature is the result of Joerns’ commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of modern healthcare facilities. At its core, the sleep mode technology works by recognizing when energy-efficient healthcare beds are actively engaged and in a passive state. In passive states, the beds significantly reduce their power usage, saving energy from being unnecessarily expended.

The sleep mode feature is also designed to recognize when a patient or clinician is actively engaging with the bed and to enter a more active state. This allows the bed to respond quickly and effectively to commands when necessary but also prevents this high energy expenditure when unnecessary. This innovation exemplifies how advanced technology can be harnessed to significantly reduce energy consumption without compromising functionality or comfort.


The introduction of the sleep mode feature in Joerns EasyCare and UltraCare beds marks a significant advancement in the quest for energy efficiency and sustainability in healthcare. These beds demonstrate the synergy that can be achieved between environmental responsibility and operational efficiency, offering healthcare facilities a compelling solution to reduce their ecological footprint while achieving cost savings.

We encourage healthcare facilities to consider the myriad benefits that our energy-efficient healthcare beds offer. By choosing these energy-efficient beds, you are enhancing patient care and contributing to a more sustainable and economically efficient healthcare future. Contact a Joerns representative today to learn more about how these beds can transform your facility.

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