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Global Shortage of Foam Products

A Note from Our Chief Supply Chain Officer

Joerns Healthcare is committed to serving our customers with the highest quality products delivered in the quickest, most convenient manner possible. Core to our service promise and our power to simplify care, is being able to provide fast, effective, and efficient access to the products you want when you want them. My mission as Joerns Supply Chain leader is to insulate you (our customer) from any product availability disruptions.

As most of us know, this has been much harder to accomplish recently due to the many component and raw material disruptions we are all living with as current market dynamics continue to affect North American supply chains. One area that has been particularly difficult to stabilize is polyurethane foam products. The unprecedented disruption to the polyurethane foam supply chain has lasted longer than expected as suppliers continuously struggle to increase production and sustain sufficient volumes of chemicals.

At this time, polyurethane foam production capacity remains highly constrained, indicating that this shortage will continue for the mid-term. Unfortunately, this impacts Joerns’ foam mattresses. For mattresses not in stock, we are averaging 10-14 weeks delayed delivery because of these raw material shortages.

We are actively working alternative supply streams daily and as the supply situation improves over the coming weeks, we are poised to accelerate production to meet your needs. In the meantime, we will continue working round the clock to investigate suitable high performing alternatives available for your use.

Thank you for patience and the opportunity to serve you,

Chris Johnson


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