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Regulatory Compliance: Lift Restrictions in Assisted Living Facilities

Regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of assisted living facility operations, maintaining the safety and well-being of residents and staff alike. Navigating these regulations, however, can pose significant challenges. 

Assisted living facilities must be aware of regulations concerning the use of lifts for resident mobility. This blog provides administrators and staff with an understanding of these regulations and offers an option for compliant equipment that enhances resident care and supports staff.

Key Regulations and Guidelines for Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities operate under a complex web of regulations at both the federal and state levels. These regulations are designed to ensure that residents receive safe, high-quality care. Compliance with these regulations is crucial, not only to avoid penalties but also to uphold the facility’s reputation and provide the best possible care to residents.

The Challenges of Assisted Living Facility Regulations

Assisted living facilities face several unique regulatory compliance challenges. Unlike skilled nursing facilities, most of the regulatory burden for assisted living facilities comes from the state level. This means that regulations can vary significantly based on the facility’s location.

Another significant regulatory challenge involves equipment restrictions, including mechanized lifts. These restrictions help ensure assisted living facilities do not keep residents requiring a higher level of acuity. However, these regulations can also complicate daily operations for residents who are appropriate for assisted living facilities but temporarily require an increased level of assistance. These restrictions also limit options for assisting residents who have fallen.

Maintaining high standards of care within regulatory compliance constraints is a delicate balance. Facilities must find innovative solutions to meet these regulations while providing exceptional care to their residents.

Introducing Joerns Products

Joerns Healthcare is dedicated to providing innovative healthcare solutions that help assisted living facilities offer the highest quality of care possible while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our Mangar product line, in particular, is designed with the needs of assisted living facilities in mind, offering practical, compliant solutions for resident care.

Compliant Powered Lifts for Falls

Regulations prohibit use of lifts with mechanical motors in assisted living facilities. Our Mangar product line supports lifting fallen residents with a pneumatic cushion design while maintaining compliance with state regulations. 

These products are known for their portability, ease of use, and ability to deliver dignified care. They are engineered to provide safe, efficient solutions for lifting and transferring residents, reducing the risk of injury for residents and staff and expanding staff capabilities with limited resources.

How Joerns Supports Compliant Lifts for Resident Falls

Mangar products from Joerns are designed to avoid typical lift restrictions, offering lifting cushions instead of a mechanical lift device. As the system’s tiered cushions inflate, they elevate patients from the floor without needing the slings and motors that mechanical lifts use. The systems are portable, easy to use, ensuring that facilities can provide the necessary care without violating lift restrictions.

Mangar products reduce staff physical strain, help prevent injuries, and improve job satisfaction. They are designed for ease of use and have straightforward training processes that ensure all staff members can implement them effectively. This not only enhances resident care but also supports a healthier, more efficient working environment for staff. Additionally, empowering staff with compliant lifting solutions can save time, cost and maintain resident dignity by eliminating the need for 911 calls to lift fallen residents.


Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for assisted living facilities, but it often comes with challenges, especially concerning lift restrictions. Joerns offers innovative solutions that help facilities navigate these challenges, enhancing resident care and supporting staff while remaining fully compliant with regulations. 

Contact us if you are interested in exploring how Joerns can help your facility  improve the quality of life for residents with safe, dignified, compliant mobility solutions. 

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