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Image of WeCare Full-Electric Bed

WeCare Full-Electric Bed

The Joerns WeCare Bed elevates the expectations for full-electric solutions, now available in an easy to transport and setup split-frame.

Image of WeCare Response Bed

WeCare Response Bed

The WeCare fixed-height beds are the uniquely featured for fast, cost-effective emergency response across the care continuum.

Image of RC Ultra Hi-Lo 850

RC Ultra Hi-Lo 850

The RC Ultra Hi-Lo 850 lowers to 9.5" and has total lock and steer lock casters to allow for easy bed movement and facilitate patient transport.

Image of FlapCair®


FlapCair is a low air loss mattress with 160 individual therapy cells which can be isolated to achieve flotation zones.

Image of TurnCair®


The TurnCair is a unique, continuous bilateral rotation mattress replacement system featuring true low air loss.

Image of Cair® 1000

Cair® 1000

The Cair 1000 is a unique bariatric therapy system that provides pressure redistribution by combining low air loss with pulsation.

Image of CairTurn RT

CairTurn RT

The CairTurn RT is a unique mattress replacement system that provides lateral rotation therapy.

Image of PrevaMatt Series

PrevaMatt Series

The PrevaMatt series of foam mattresses are designed for comfort and safety while providing pressure injury prevention.

Image of AlternateCair Plus

AlternateCair Plus

The AlternateCair Plus is a unique therapy system that provides pressure redistribution by alternating pressure between adjacent (A-B) air cells.