Data Services

Joerns Healthcare is focused on helping you by simplifying the complex healthcare landscape, which starts by looking ahead. Our state-of-the-art solutions go beyond the standard level of care, as does our service technology platform, with advanced features designed for ease of use. By combining industry best practices, historical service data, and artificial intelligence (AI), we provide flexible and actionable real-time insights critical to optimized service.

We analyze your data and history and determine the most cost-efficient and effective options based on your needs.

Consultation and Customized Programs

After analyzing the data collected, our clinicians work with facilities to identify product and service needs, provide input for selection and help build programs to accomplish clinical goals. Your customized program offers the flexibility to change as your needs do. We understand that patient populations and individual care needs evolve over time, and we’ll consult with your team to adjust your program accordingly.

Predictive Convenience

Leveraging cutting-edge Al, our system automatically optimizes delivery schedules, resulting in real-time ETAs for you. Our paperless Proof of Delivery (POD) means Joerns service technicians complete POD on their mobile device and can send it directly to you. Having all documentation electronically filed simplifies the billing and claims process and much more.

Consolidated Order Tracking

Using Al, our system automatically generates the best balance between fulfilling your order as soon as possible and consolidating multiple orders into one streamlined service experience. MyJHC portal users can track deliveries, pickups or maintenance requests in real time. You can also contact us however is most convenient for you, by phone or via MyJHC.