Chauffeur™ Universal Transport System

Promote safety with the world’s first side-to-side drive

The Chauffeur Universal Transport System was designed to improve bed maneuverability—especially in tight spaces, prevent injury, improve staff efficiency and promote a safe work environment during patient transport. This unique, 4-way directional transport not only propels beds forward and backward, but Joerns Healthcare’s exclusive SideShift feature is the first drive to move beds side to side. Navigate between bedside tables and along head walls with ease. Sidestep exam carts. And glide around corners and into elevators effortlessly. Chauffeur is available on Joerns Healthcare’s Bari10A and select Joerns bed frames. It is also retrofit capable.


  • On-board power drive for improved maneuverability and minimal push force required
  • Advanced 4-way mobility with forward/reverse plus first-ever SideShift repositioning
  • Variable speed for moving side to side and in tight spaces
  • Hoyer® inspired ergonomic control handles
  • Intuitive control for reduced staff injury and ease of transport
  • Emergency stop on the operating control handle for safety
  • High-capacity battery system
  • Removable control handles for CPR access


  • Transport direction forward/reverse, left/right option
  • Weight capacity 1750 lb
  • Range 3 miles depending upon load, terrain and charge
  • Minimal length added to bed < 0.75"
  • Added weight 140 lb
  • Underbed clearance 2" ‐ 4" at foot end