Multi-tasking chair with power reclining for maximum patient comfort. Adjusts into a stretcher position for lateral transfer

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Transferring and mobilizing bariatric patients can be quite a challenge, but with the CareChair, it does not have to be. This convertible transfer chair adjusts from full upright sitting position to full stretcher and all points in between to facilitate a lateral transfer. During an emergency, the CareChair converts from the chair to stretcher quickly and easily making it indispensable in an ICU, CCU or emergency room. With motorized tilt-in-space, the CareChair provides effortless repositioning. When tilted back, the chair supplies a more secure and comfortable sitting position and when tilted forward, it can aid the patient in standing from a seated position. The full range of motion offers maximum patient comfort for those with respiratory conditions, head and neck injuries or orthopedic disorders.


  • Available in three sizes to accommodate a full range of patient size
  • Convenient battery powered operation
  • Separately adjustable elevating leg rests
  • Captive IV pole and O2 tank holder
  • Latex free


  • Seat height above floor:
    • Chair position: 24″
    • Stretcher position: 30″
  • Arm rest height above seat:
    • Chair position: 7″ to 18″
    • Stretcher position: 1″ to 10″
  • Agency approvals: UL 544 and CSA 601-1

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